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Preparations before coming: Additional Information ?

What to bring:
  • We ask that all students bring a passport size photograph of themselves for our records.
  • It is highly recommended that you bring your own pair of boxing/kickboxing gloves for training Sanda if you are planning to train for a while. There are gloves supplied by the school but most of them are quite old and well-used by this point (a little bit broken and have a less than desirable smell). Good brands are TWINS, FAIRTEX, or TOP KING. Having good quality gloves greatly reduces the risk of hand or wrist injury and also makes the training much more enjoyable. Short-term students can probably get by just using the gear supplied by the school.
  • Students must also bring their own mouthguard, lots of loose-fitting, comfortable clothes for training, and if you have big feet, extra training shoes are recommended. It is sometimes hard to buy large-sized shoes in Turkey. Warm clothes if you are coming in winter, such as long, thermal underwear are highly recommended.
  • It is highly recommended that you bring your mat for training.
  • The school provides linen for the beds but students are required to bring their own towels and toiletries (soap/shampoo, etc.)
  • Books, games, or other hobbies are helpful for passing time between classes. Also, any vitamins or supplements that you like to take during training.
Other preparations:
  • All students must have health insurance before taking part in training. The school cannot be held liable for students without insurance, in case of injury.
Additional Information:
  • The rules of the school must be followed strictly along with the laws of the country. If students fight, use drugs, solicit prostitution, engage in any other illegal behaviour, or break any of the schools rules, the school will immediately dismiss them without refund of tuition and will not protect them from prosecution under Turkish law. We are trying to build a team of hard-working, focussed individuals, with the single purpose of bettering themselves.
  • The student has to apply to the school, the school can refuse the student.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience?
  • No, you don't. We receive students of all experience and fitness levels. You will not be expected to keep up with the group in the beginning. Everyone develops at different speeds.
What are the age limits for training?
  • We have had students as young as 15, and as old as 55. If you are under 19 years old, you will need signed permission from your parents or guardians to leave your country and train here.
What should I do to prepare physically?
  • Any kind of fitness training is good to prepare. Jogging, skipping, swimming, and other cardio training is very helpful. Also. lots of stretching is beneficial. We accept people of all abilities and don't expect olympic athletes to show up each time.
Can I learn Turkish language at the school?
  • We don't offer any language courses at the school. Our school is very small and focuses only on martial arts training. Some students find ways outside of training to learn while they are here, through books or apps.