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Weekly Schedule

Xinglong | Kung Fu School

There are no terms or semesters here. Students train year round, with a short break around Chinese New Year. Students are welcome to come and start training at any time.

The weekly schedule that is shown here is similar throughout the year. The afternoon training in the summer can be changed to half and hour or even an hour later (so, starting at 2:30pm or 3pm). This will depend on the temperature changes over the season. Sometimes it gets quite hot during the middle of the day so training is moved to the cooler hours of the afternoon.

Saturday after the early training and sunday are free time.

All students are required to follow the schedule as it is posted. The most senior student will take the role of "group leader" and will lead the others through running, stretching, and warm-up before each class. Missing classes without warning or coming late to training is considered disrespectful to Sifu and to the other students. There will be punishment for this or if any other rules of the school are broken.

Tuition Fees

The cost of tuition will decrease per month as students stay and train longer. This is to encourage people to train more seriously for a longer period of time. Students must pay their way to Turkey, pay for their visa, and have any extra spending money they want to use while they are here. Other than that, food and other accommodation at the school are included in the tuition price.

If the student who come from Europe want to stay more than three months then the student need to pay for the residency card. If the student come from out of Europe then the student need to pay for the visa.

Tuition costs are as follows (All prices are in US Dollars):

The price is $ 1500 per month.

If the student get over 3 months training in the school then the price is $ 1300 per month.

If the student staying less than one month then the price is $ 100 per a day.

First 2 days and 1 night price is free.

Xinglong | Kung Fu School

A further discount is given to students who choose to stay a year or longer. The cost per year is as follows:

We don't want students to have to pay before coming. They might be unsure if, and for how long, they want to stay. Students can decide after the first week of training if they want to stay longer or not. If so, they will pay the normal amount of tuition based on their desired amount of training time. If not, they will pay $ 100 per day for their stay. Tuition must always be payed in month blocks, and up front for the entirety of their intended stay. If students want to stay less than a full month they will pay $ 100 per day. Also, if students want to pay per month, they must pay the amount per month that is listed above(1500 $/1300 $). A discount is given only to students who invest in training long term. Refunds will be given to students who have to cut their training short for unforeseen circumstances (injury, for example). In this case, the student will be charged for the amount that they stayed for (as listed above). Refunds will not be given to any students who break school rules.