2 hours per day is dedicated to the practice of Yang style Tai Chi.

Tai Chi and Qigong training is an important part of traditional Chinese martial arts. It focuses on breath control and relaxed, steady motion. When doing several hours of hard, external training everyday, this practice can complement all of that with its soft movement, which can help students recover their energy faster, help to heal sore muscles, and release body tension that may accumulate throughout the day. At higher levels of training, it can help students to better control their power when practicing other aspects of their training, such as Sanda or forms.

Short-term students (2-3 months) will have a chance to learn 24-step form and longer-term students (6 months - 1 year) will have the opportunity to learn 42-step form as well as Tai Chi straight sword form.

Qigong is a standing form of meditation that is used to help people control their breathing patterns. This can be used to help heal injuries, regulate one's emotions, and relax the body and mind.